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Microwave Calculators

Updated May 12 2013

Congratulations, you have found one of the most useful areas of the Microwaves101 site! Here are some calculators that will help you in your microwave work. Check back often, we plan to continuously add more! If you notice any errors or have problems with a Microwaves101 calculator, let us know and we will do our best to fix it. And if there is something in the microwave universe that you need to calculate often, drop us a note and we'll see what we can do to include it here. You may win a fine Microwaves101 pocket knife for your suggestions!

Attenuator Calculator

Cascade Calculator

Coax Calculator

Coplanar Waveguide Calculator

Dual Dielectric Coax Calculator

Microstrip Calculator

Reactance Calculator

Resonant Frequency Calculator

Skin Depth Calculator

Stripline Calculator

Unequal-split Power Divider Calculator

VSWR Calculator

Wavelength Calculator

Wire over Ground Calculator

Be sure to check our download area for stuff we couldn't fit into a simple HTML calculator. Right now we have Excel spreadsheets for:

Delay/length/phase converter (new for May 2013!)

Parallel plate capacitance calculator

Synthesizing lumped-element Chebyshev filters (N=3, N=4 and N=5),

Calculating RF sheet resistance for up to three metal layers,

Calculating N-section impedance transformers,

Calculating and plotting K-factor, maximum available gain, group delay and much more from S-parameters (our famous S-Parameter Utilities spreadsheet!)

An amazing coax spreadsheet,

Cascade analysis of gain, P1dB and noise figure,

and more!

There are also links to calculators on our Cool Links page.



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