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What's new for March 2014?

As is always the case, we've been busy adding plenty of new features to Microwaves101. We ain't been slack, Cap'n Walker!



Happy belated Saint Paddy's Day. While you're knocking back some Jameson, remember that Marconi financed his wireless company by marrying John's granddaughter Annie. Say, are there any single girls in the Bacardi family these days...?


  • Speaking of the Irish, we've added a new company from the Emerald Isle to our list of MMIC suppliers. Arralis specializes in 60-110 GHz designs, an emerging field if ever there was one.


  • The big recent news is that TriQuint and rfmd have merged. This is not some lame April Fool's joke. The question is, who needed who? TriQuint has had some investor unrest recently, for not keeping the fab stuffed with handset power amps for iphones and losing money; rfmd meanwhile scored some big orders from Samsung. Then there's those two, multi-billion dollar radar programs, Next Generation Jammer and AMDR that Raytheon won which won't be generating any GaN orders for the Lone Star State... In any case, good luck to "NewCo"!



  • We posted some analysis on the VSWR of a balanced power amplifier. Everyone knows that one benefit of balancing an amplifier is that return losses can be improved. But what happens when that amplifier is turned off and becomes a near-short circuit? Our analysis will show you what is important and what is not when it comes to impedance matching using quadrature hybrid couplers. We added rule of thumb #118 to summarize the result.


  • Thanks to an anonymous reader we now have a page on the Miller effect. The concept that input capacitance of an amplifier is multiplied due to gain dates back to a paper published when almost 100 years ago, yet remains relevant today.


  • Cold S-parameters have their own page now, but at this point that page merely serves as a link to the balanced amplifier analysis and a complaint about SLC hospitality. Perhaps some modeling people will contribute some information to a topic that is underrepresented on the world-wide web.


  • Neunundneunzig Luftballons has been added to our list of songs about radar, in this case it is a protest song. Did you ever wonder where the name "Nena" came from?



  • Under the category of "liars in the news", the Unknown Editor has posted Governor Chris Christies lost abstract on his administration's "traffic study".


The message board is still dead but recently showed signs of coming back to life. Check back periodically if you are interested in participating!

There are plenty of new data sheets posted on our partner site, EverythingRF.com. Need a specific amplifier? Use the search tool to quickly narrow down your options.

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