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Updated May 29, 2014


We now have statistics code embedded in our pages that will allow suppliers to monitor page views, click-throughs, and information about who is visiting! Check out our Sponsorship page, or email Raghav for details on our new advertising options, he'll hook you up!

Attention, microwave virtual vendors: Microwaves101.com is THE premier website for technical microwave content (>10,000 page views per day, and not counting the message board). We want you to share the magic by becoming a client. Ask a traditional microwave trade magazine how many page views their web site generates each day, and compare them to us.

Below are the forward-thinking supporters of Microwaves101.com, an elite group indeed. Thanks to all!

Check out or sponsors press releases on this page.

Copper Mountain Technologies

Copper Mountain appears on our network analyzer page. They are re-writing the book on VNAs, with smaller/lower cost instruments that you run from the computer of your choice.


KR Electronics

KR electronics in Avenel New Jersey makes custom military and commercial filters since 1973. KR Electronics appears on the following pages: filters, lumped filters, filter symbols, filter group delay, diplexers and duplexers.


Nuvotronics LLC

Nuvotronics LLC is a female-owned small business in Durham, North Carolina, with a powerhouse technology called PolyStrata, that is gaining traction across the defense and commercial industries. PolyStrata is an air-dielectric micro-coax, which provides 1/10 the loss of what you would suffer for transmission lines on a MMIC. Nuvotronics sponsors our page on coax.


EverythingRF is a partner site to Microwaves101. We'll supply the reference material, they'll supply the data sheets. It's a beautiful thing! You will see their search tool on many of our component pages such as amplifiers, attenuators, mixers....

The Lobby Lizard story...

Note: this story reflects how it was in the old days, when manufacturer's reps swarmed around large electronics companies, cold-calling everyone in the lobby phone book. Today with the internet, business is much easier, and sites like Microwaves101 can help you locate individuals who are truly interested in your products and not waste anyone's time, on either side of the supply chain.

You've been at work for only two weeks. The Boss doesn't even know your name. Then suddenly the phone rings. Must be a wrong number, you have no friends.

Wrong number? Worse than that, it's a microwave vendor, a lobby lizard. He's out in the lobby, he has a thousand catalogs, and he wants to know how many "asynchronous phase-locked inverters" you will be needing. You'll recognize him, he's the fat dude sweating heavily in the leisure suit...

Don't panic! Tell him you are busy, but might be able to do lunch. That way, you will be able to order a few cocktails while he bores you with his product line. Don't improve his self-esteem by thanking him for lunch, the rest of us don't want you to raise the bar.

Then, deep-six all of the paper catalogs and CDs he gave you on the way back to your office, and return to Microwaves101.com, where we will put you in touch with only the best vendors (hey, they took us to Happy Hour!)

Just kidding...


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