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July 20, 2018
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Microwave Acronyms - A

A Ampere Unit of electrical current named after André-Marie Ampère.
AB air bridge  
ABCS antimonide-based compound semiconductor An extremely low voltage technology for very low power LNAs.
AC alternating current What SoCal Edison supplies between roaming blackouts.  
ACC adaptive cruise control The "car radar" we were all promised ten years ago would be on all new cars.
ACI adjacent channel interference  
ACLR adjacent channel leakage ratio  
ACPR adjacent channel power ratio A measurement of power amplifier linearity.
ACWG asymmetrical coplanar waveguide  
ADC analog to digital converter  
ADS Advanced Design System Agilient's microwave design tool.
ADT automatic detection and tracking A radar term.
AESA active electronically-steered array The holy grail of antennas, but not even the federal government can afford one, so where does that leave the rest of us?
AGC automatic gain control Circuitry that actively adjusts the gain of an amplifier to maintain a constant gain output power over temperature, frequency, or input power conditions.
AlN Aluminum nitride A ceramic substrate that has good heat-sinking properties.
ALD atomic layer deposition A method of precisely depositing material.
AM amplitude modulation The simplest way to put a baseband signal onto a carrier signal.
AM/PM amplitude modulation to phase modulation A form of distortion.
AMPS Advanced mobile phone system Analog cell phone standard.
ANA automated network analyzer Used to measure S-parameters of a network.
AOA angle of arrival A term associated with antennas.
APC-7 Amphenol precision connector, 7 millimeter Trademarked name for a sexless connector system.
APDP anti-parallel diode pair Often used in a sub-harmonic mixer.
APS antenna positioning system  
ARRL American Radio Relay League The organization that supports ham radio.
ASIC application-specific semiconductor The most expensive (and elegant) means of providing logic for your modules.
ASK amplitude-shift keying  
ATE automated test equipment What you will need when your circuit enters production
ATR anti transmit-receive cells  
AUT antenna under test  
AWG American wire gauge A standard for copper wire diameter.
AWGN additive white Gaussian noise  
Author: Unknown Editor
Last Updated: 21 November 2016
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