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July 20, 2018
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Microwave Acronyms - F

F Fahrenheit or Farad Temperature scale named after a dead Deutsche guy (not a Dutch guy, thanks Laurens!), or a unit of capacitance named after a dead Brit who is a member of our Microwave Hall of Fame!
FB feedback  
FBMC filter bank multi carrier  
FCC Federal Communications Commission. A United States government agency.
FDMA frequency division multiple access  
FDSOI fully depleted silicon-on-insulator A method of isolating silicon circuits from silicon body of an integrated circuit.
FDD frequency division duplex  
FDTD finite difference time domain A computational electromagnetics approach for solving realistic EM problems, popularized by Prof. Allen Taflove of Northwestern University.
FEA finite element analysis Used in simulating electromagnetic fields. 
FER Front end receiver OR frame error rate, depending on the context. A semiconductor device.
FET field-effect transistor A semiconductor device.
fF femto-farad A unit of capacitance, 10E-15 farads.
FFS final frontside MMIC wafers often have DC data measured prior to flipping the wafer for backside processing.
FFT fast Fourier transform The Fourier transform is what allows you to go between frequency and time domains.
FGCPW finite groundplane coplanar waveguide Coplanar waveguide, with narrow ground strips. Not the same thing as CBCPW!
FIR finite impulse response (filter)  
FIT finite integration technique
FM frequency modulation Transferring information by varying the carrier frequency. The broadcast radio band with "no static at all".
Fmax maximum frequency  The maximum frequency at which you can get power gain from a transistor.
FMCW frequency modulated continuous wave A type of radar waveform.
Fmin minimum noise figure of a device Used in low noise amplifier design.
FOD foreign object/debris Unwanted stuff that accidentally finds its way into hardware during manufacturing.  Food, tools, ty-wraps... things that could cause a disaster after delivery to your customer.
FR-4 fire-retardant 4 A glass-resin PWB material.
FS field strength Magnitude of an electromagnetic field.
FSK frequency shift keying  
FSR full sheet resonance A method for measuring dielectric constant of a circuit board.
FSS frequency-selective surface A substrate with a metal pattern that passes energy at one frequency but blocks it at another.
ft feet Unit of length used by Yankees.
Ft transition frequency The frequency at which the gain of a transistor is 0dB.
fubar f***ed up beyond all repair One of the two excellent acronyms that are the legacy of the greatest generation (see snafu)
Last Updated: 29 April 2018
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