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July 20, 2018
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Microwave Acronyms - H

H Henry A unit of inductance, named after a dead American, Joseph Henry.
HAST highly-accelerated life test The "pressure cooker" of qual tests!
HB harmonic balance A method of analyzing circuits with non-linear behavior.
HBT hetero-junction bi-polar transistor A good competitor to pHEMT, and requires only one power supply polarity.
HDPE high density poly-ethelene Also known as PEHD in countries such as France, HDPE is number 2 in the recycling categories. Chances are your milk jug is made of it. It is also a useful dielectric, with DK of 2.3 and DF of 0.003.
HEMT high electron mobility transistor Developed in the 1990s, provides better microwave performance compared to MESFETs.
HEPA high efficiency particulate air (filter) The type of filters used to filter out particles down to 0.3 micron in a clean room.
HEXFET hexagonal field-effect transistor A trademark of International Rectifier for their MOSFET line.
HFET heterostructure field-effect transistor  
HFSS High-Frequency Structural Simulator Ansoft's 3D EM simulation tool.
HPA high-power amplifier  
HPIB Hewlett Packard instrument bus Too late to rename it "Agilent instrument bus"
HPF high pass filter A two-port network that rejects signals below a certain frequency band.
HPIN  horizontal PIN diode
HPBW half-power beamwidth Used to describe an antenna pattern.
HPM high-power microwave Generally refers to a source module that is a combination of a solid-state driver circuit and a TWT.
H-pol horizontal polarization  
HSM high-side mixing Refers to the condition that the LO frequency is above the RF frequency.
HTCC high-temperature co-fired ceramic A method of fabricating circuit traces embedded in ceramic.
HTS high-temperature superconductor  
Hz Hertz Unit of cycles-per-second, named after a dead German. Not to be confused with the dead Austrian who started that rental car company.
Author: Unknown Editor
Last Updated: 15 May 2017
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