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June 24, 2018
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Microwave Acronyms - O

OC open circuit Opposite of short circuit.
OCR optical character recognition Scan in a printed document and voilà, you have a zillion mispellings to correct. Ask Walter Rotman....
OCXO oven controlled crystal oscillator  
OD outside diameter The outside dimension of a cylinder.
Oe Oersteds Unit of magnetic intensity, named after Hans Christian Oersted.
OF Old fart That old guy out in the lab that knows everything but has hairs growing out of his ears.
OFDM orthagonal frequency division multiplexing  A method of sending multiple closely spaced carrier signals from a single transmitter.  
OFHC oxygen-free high-conductivity (copper) The ideal material for low loss waveguide.
OMN output matching network  
OMT ortho-mode transducer  
OQAM offset quadrature amplitude modulation  
OTA over the air  
OTOI output third order intercept  
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Last Updated: 26 October 2016
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