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June 22, 2018
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Microwave Acronyms - P

P1dB power at one-dB gain compression  
P1dBin P1dB referenced to the input  
P1dBout P1dB referenced to the output  
PA power amp An amplifier that is capable of applying some real heat to the load.
PAE power-added efficiency For a power amp, the ratio of output power divided by the sum of input RF and DC power.
PAPR peak to average power ratio Ratio of the peak power (peak amplitude squared) to the average power (the square of the root mean square value).
PAR peak average ratio  
PAM pulse amplitude modulation  
PC personal computer, or politically correct We don't care if you think that Microwaves101 is not PC, OK?
PDK process design kit What TriQuint or IBM or other open fabs will provide when you design an IC into their foundries.
PCM pulse code modulation, process control monitor  
PCS personal communications systems Wireless stuff, thankfully, everybody's gotta have it.
PDM power distribution network  
PDS personal digital cellular Digital cell phone standard.
PEC perfect electrical conductor See our page on EM fundamentals.
PECVD plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition Yet another way to apply films to a semiconductor wafer.
PESA passive electronically steered antenna Often uses MEMS phase shifter technology.
PHEMT pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor  
pF pico-Farad A unit of capacitance, 10E-12 Farads.
pH pico-Henry A unit of inductance, 10E-12 Henries.
PHS personal handy phone system Digital cordless phone standard.
PIN P-type/intrinsic/N-type A diode structure often used as an RF control component.
PIND particle impact noise detection A way to determine of you have any loose stuff inside your sealed-up module.
PLD pulsed laser deposition A laser is used to blast a plume of material that is transferred to a heated substrate.
pidooma pulled it directly out of my a$$ A widely accepted method for obtaining a speedy quotation or prediction.
PLL phase locked loop  
PMC perfect magetic conductor See our page on EM fundamentals.

programmable network analyzer

Here's Agilent's official PNA web page.

A PNA is a network analyzer that runs the Windows operating system instead of some proprietary interface written in embedded code. It's "programmable" in that you can install applications, network it like a PC, and use a thumb drive to get your data. Thanks to Adam!
POS piece of s### Like in the following want ad: 1989 Hyundai, POS, $500 or best offer.
PPI plan position indicator  
PPM parts per million Used to express ratios that are often very much less than 1%
PR photo-resist The material that is used used to pattern printed circuits.
PRF pulse repetition frequency  
PSB pink-slip blizzard If you stay in microwave engineering long enough you will learn what this means...
PSD phase sensitive detector, power spectral density  
PSIA pounds per square inch, absolute This is pressure, relative to a vacuum.
PSIG pounds per square inch, gauge This is pressure, relative to room pressure.
PSK phase shift keying A method of transmitting data by modulating the phase of a signal.
PTC positive temperature coefficient A thermistor with resistance value increasing with temperature.
PTFE poly tetra-flouro ethelene A dielectric material invented in 1938 by Dr. Roy Plunkett at Dupont, used in most RF coax cables and many soft boards.
PTH plated-through hole  
PWB printed wiring board  
PWM pulse-width modulation  
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Last Updated: 05 May 2017
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