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June 24, 2018
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Will silicone heat up under domestic microwave use

1 year 11 months ago #638 by morre3
morre3 created the topic: Will silicone heat up under domestic microwave use
I know that domestic microwaves in culinary use can pass through a few centimetres of living tissue with ease, exciting the liquid molecules to generate heat i.e. cooking food. But, what is the prolonged affect with a thin (three millimetres) piece of hardened silicone when exposed to a 800W microwave for ten minutes?

I understand silicone to be inert and it not to react (release gasses or melt) under domestic food-grade microwave conditions, but not being in liquid forum would the silicone heat up? I understand that silicone will retain heat after it has been passed into it from a neighbouring source in close proximity and am sure the time it takes for the heat to dissipate is down to the thickness of the silicone, but how is much is that dissipation slowed if the silicone is sandwiched between porcelain and metal?.

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