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January 23, 2018
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coaxial cable loss

2 weeks 4 hours ago #893 by jayav
jayav created the topic: coaxial cable loss
The insertion loss of my coaxial cable suddenly failed limit significantly. I know this is related to one particular batch of the extruded core I am using. Upon dissection of the core, I notice that the dielectric retention force is really low(I can easily pull the center conductor out) so I suspect this probably caused the significant increase in total loss. The center conductor OD is the same and so as the shield/shield coverage. My question is, what is the best way to show/prove in terms of K1 K2 that the increase in total loss is mainly due to a bad dielectric or mainly due to conductor. Would appreciate your response. thanks.

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2 weeks 4 minutes ago #894 by Desert Sage
Desert Sage replied the topic: coaxial cable loss
I doubt the looseness between the center conductor and the dielectric would result in a large increase in loss. I suspect someone used isopropyl alcohol to clean a solder joint. Teflon is hygroscopic, alcohol has water and water is lossy. Try baking the cables at 100C for a few hours and I bet your loss returns to normal.

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