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June 24, 2018
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Microwave Mortuary 2006

Last Updated: 06 November 2017

Have you ever thrown a shopping cart out of a convertible at 80 mph to observe the sparks? How about hooking up a power amplifier to 115 volts AC just to see how it craters? Your fellow engineers have done these things and more! If you have a great picture of totally destroyed hardware, or a photo of a blown circuit, send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If it gets on the web site you will receive a free Microwaves101 key chain pocket knife! Impress your friends, if not your boss!

New for January 2013: the mortuary has now been separated by year, as we have had a few complaints about how long it takes to load. But maybe it is time some of you considered a better broadband connection to the internet?

Note to mortuary contributors: please consider that your boss may not find your submission in the best interests of your Big Company. Lately we've been getting a lot of "please remove my submission" emails, try not to send us anything that you might regret.

Note to Big Companies: Don't blame us for posting your spectacular failures, we only post what your employees send us. On the other hand, please don't rip off Microwaves101 pictures for presentations without permission, that's bad manners. Maybe it's time for some training!

Note to mortuary fans: We put new stuff here at the top, but older disasters are still here too--just scroll down.In many cases, if you click on pictures on this page you can see higher resolution images.




New for November 2006! This from Dave from down under... The attached photos used to be a Centellax broadband amplifier. Then a pair of tweezers happened to be in contact with the gate and drain at the same time. The magic smoke was grey and the chip glowed red for a brief instant. Need I say any more?




New for October 2006! This from Robert: results of a little "Arcy-Sparky". This is an RMA from Florida. Seems like one of the hurricanes decided to dissipate some of the built up energy into our I/O card. Results = malfunction, cratered chips.



New for September 2006! Here's two photos of an FM transmitter that was damaged during a storm, from Enrique! Looks like it is all over but the insurance settlement...

The original of this picture is huge and high resolution, if you want to see it in all it's glory just click the image below!

This item is called a capacitor security valve.

New for August 2006! Here's a contribution from down under... it's a thermal image of a piece of CPWG on garden-variety FR4 trying to pass 100W of 900MHz RF! It survived almost one minute before turning the copper into a flaming vapour. Thanks, Max!



New for July 2006! This just in from Fred the Man: "we had a fun mishap with a temp chamber. The software locked up over the weekend, holding the chamber cold for a couple of days instead of cycling. We have a humidifier in the room to reduce ESD." We wonder if the software guy helped mop up the mess Monday afternoon when it thawed out... or was too busy writing a macro to send out resumes.




New for July 2006! This is what happens when your power amp supplier doesn’t believe your advice about their harmonic filter design. From Matt!




New for February 2006! This just in from NASA! This is what's left of the first stage of an 80-1000 MHz high power amplifier. BOOM! Thanks, Justin!



New for January 2006! As JarJar Binks' buddy would say, "ouch time!" Below are some of the leftovers from a shoot down at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, donated by our army buddy Steve! As we like to say, this type of activity should DEFINITELY void the warrantee. Can't quite make out the part in the center, but Trak and Celeritek might have some ugly field returns coming in.



Also new for January 2006! These pictures came from Tres Huevos. What you see represents a very bad day at work. Here's the story: an employee was hired to do laser sealing, but received very little training. He was sealing a package, and programmed the laser incorrectly. The laser started to burn a hole across the lid, out of control....



So the new employee decides to stop the later by putting his finger over it. Yikes! Needless to say, Clean Harbors had to clean up all the bloody mess, and the employee "retired" on disability, with one less working digit! And of course, the rest of the team had to suffer a demeaning lecture from Captain Safety!

Here's a look at the destruction inside the package... no wonder they wanted to put a lid on it, look at all of those ugly jumpers!




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