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July 20, 2018
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The MTT Society’s Microwaves101.com  team is performing  technical reviews of all Microwaves 101 encyclopedia articles. Our goal is to verify accuracy and insure clarity in the technical content of the articles while maintaining the same practical, conversational tone.

Reviewers are comprised of Microwaves 101 readers as well as MTT-Society Technical Committee members. The technologists who are reviewing the articles are listed below.

You might notice new "MTT Approved" stamps at the bottom of article pages as well as individual stamps of the MTT Technical Committees that reviewed the articles. These stamps indicate that this article has passed our review process. We want to thank all of the reviewers for their volunteer service. Through their help, we hope to make the Microwaves 101 site even more useful to our readers. 

If you are interested in applying to serve as a Microwaves 101 reviewer, please CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

Adams, Greg

Bandler, John

Brazil, Tom

Brunning, Jack

Buckwalter, Jim

Campbell, Charles

Gong, Xun

Kaya, Kagan

Ngo, David

Oakley, Michael

Pesci, Tiziano

Radisic, Vesna

Revier, Daniel

Watkins, Gavin

Last Updated: 13 December 2016
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