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January 24, 2017
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What's new on Microwaves101?

As is always the case, we've been busy adding plenty of new features to Microwaves101. We ain't been slack, Cap'n Walker!

Happy Holidays (all of them) from Microwaves101!  Pokemon trainers looking to jump to the next level will appreciate that there will be double experience points and perhaps other gifts during the Christmas season, see you at the Le Buzz Pokestop! Never mind that, what's new on Microwaves101 for December 2016?

  • Rotodomes have a new page on the site.  The word "rotodome" is a portmanteau of rotary and radome. You might see one on an airplane, especially if you are under electronic surveillance. The original rotodome was on the E2B Hawkeye, dating back to a procurement in 1956.  The latest E2D version is one of the most advanced aircraft in the world and has a 24 foot rotodome.  The AWACs plane sports an even bigger rotodome (30 feet), built on a Boeing 707, and first flown in 1977.

  • We've updated our Microwave Events calendar for 2017. You've already missed the deadline for IMS paper submission, but its not too late to submit for the RFIC conference. If you are at the RWW conference in Phoenix on January 15, maybe we'll see you there, we'll be eating free food at an MTT-S Excom meeting. Microwaves101 certainly hopes to see you in Hawaii in June!

  • Last month we revealed a new page on antenna measurements and asked for help to improve its content. Justin came through for us, so we updated the page. This is a great example of how the site is supposed to work, you know, audience participation and all that. 

  • We slightly updated our ITAR page, to include the definition of "US person" among other things. January is a great month for catching up on security issues while you wait for charge numbers to re-open.

  • The Unknown Editor spouts off on Christmas, in a Special Sports Edition, and introduces a gift for rabid New England Patriot fans. By special request, he adds his powerful intellect and reasoning to provide needed perspective on the recent US presidential election. Also, we wanted to celebrate Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize for Literature. 

  • A recent posting on our discussion board  is looking for information on frequency variation of polyether ether ketone (PEEK).  Did you ever wonder what the purpose of 0 dB attenuator serves?  Learn about that here. That discussion caused us to add "design hook" to the slang dictionary. What's the proper way to torque a right-angle SMA connector? Stop by the main discussion board page, pick a topic, and drop your own two cents in on these topics and many more!

  • Want to become an official  Microwaves101 reviewer? Click the Reviewers Tab at the top of most pages to find out how. 

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Author: Unknown Editor
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