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June 24, 2018
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What's new for July/August 2014?

As is always the case, we've been busy adding plenty of new features to Microwaves101. We ain't been slack, Cap'n Walker!

Welcome back to school, future microwave engineers!

  • The new site is up and running, that's obvious! A lot of hard work went into converting the old site which was based on Cold Fusion to the new site which is based on Joomla!® Many Thanks to the Handmade Interactive Team! There are likely plenty of broken links left to fix, if you see any, please send a quick note to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with "broken link" in the title and an army of eager beavers will dispatch quickly. It might take a couple of days!
  • IEEE MTT-S has volunteered a large group of subject matter experts to act as editors.  We are still working out the details of how this is all supposed to work; meanwhile Terry Cisco has done an outstanding job as the lead editor from MTT-S. He is acting as the "Known Editor" as opposed to the "Unknown" one. You can reach him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Welcome aboard!
  • We have a new page on Microwave Figures of Merit.  We started by explaining the switch device FOM, and where that pesky 2pi in the denominator comes from.  It even includes references over the years when various authors proposed and analyzed ways to judge one switch technology from another.  Hopefully our article will put future authors all on the same page.  Figuratively, not literally. Feel free to reference it in your next switch publication or patent!
  • We have a new page on mixed mode S-parameters. Thanks to Bryant!
  • The Unknown Editor hasn't posted a new rant yet, but he is signed up to write an article for IEEE Microwave Magazine.   His most recent contribution discusses the website transition, what's changed, and what will remain the same. His head is still too big for his hat, after winning the Microwaves&RF Magazine's Best Microwave Blog award at IMS has posted a video of all of award ceremony (fast forward to ~8:30 into it...)
  • After many months of being down, the message board is alive and well and awaiting your participation.  This is a key part of Microwaves101, a community of people are out there that will take time out of their day to answer your questions, no matter how fundamental or esoteric they are. We have new spam filter based on Captcha Code that should cut down on male enhancement spam.  Register today and join the fun! 
  • Our Microwave Mortuary has new video on some fools destroying $30K worth of electronic equipment by fire, indoors. It's the microwave version of Johnny Knoxville's Jackass!
  • Now that the dust is starting to settle on the transition, and the website has a better look and feel and the promise of vastly improved content, it's time to for your company to consider sponsoring a page on Microwaves101! A draft of the new Media Kit is located here.
  • There are plenty of new data sheets posted on our partner site, EverythingRF.com. Need a specific amplifier? Use the search tool to quickly narrow down your options.

Attention forward thinking microwave marketeers: check out information on advertising with us. Sponsorship information is but a click away... come and share the magic of 15,000 page views per weekday. Hey that rhymes! Join our best friends in the Virtual Lobby!

As always, we want you to sign up for the MW101Stuff newsletter, or submit a photo for our Microwave Mortuary. We'd love to hear from you, whether you have nice things to say about Microwaves101.com or just want to tell us how we've ruined your life.

Last Updated: 03 September 2014
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