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December 11, 2017
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What's new on Microwaves101?

As is always the case, we've been busy adding plenty of new features to Microwaves101. We ain't been slack, Cap'n Walker!

Some people want to replace Columbus Day's with Indigenous People's Day, and replace Thanksgiving with National Day of Mourning.  Go ahead and complain about "political correctness", but instead of watching football with relatives that you hate over the remaining holidays this yer, spend some time reading about local Indian tribes. Here in Tucson, thanks to crappy American fast food, the Tohono O'Odom have the highest incidence on diabetes in the world. After you've digested some non-microwave-engineering knowledge, it's time to see what's new on Microwaves101 for November 2017!

  • Ali Darwish works at AFRL and has published a series of papers on novel power combiners.  For this month, we will show an effort from 2014, called the "offset-divider/combiner".  It has an interesting means of reflection cancellation, similar but different compared to quadrature combiners..
  • Drones also have a new page. We have two topics, first a "signal hunter" drone developed by Anritsu, then drone jammers, including American and French efforts.
  • We have a nicely updated list of waveguide flanges, thanks to Simone.  Visit our waveguide dimensions page to download it, and bookmark the page to make sure you always use the latest list.
  • Here's an odd request... a lawyer is looking for information on successor history relative to Applied Radiation Corporation (you heard right, lawyer, as in, someone is gonna have to pay for these crimes...) Of course, he found us because of our "where are they now" page has the only information on ARCO on the entire world-wide web. The entry on ARCO states, “Applied Radiation Corp. (ARCO; Walnut Creek, CA) manufactured microwave linear accelerators and high-power microwave waveguide elements (pulse modulators, waveguide couplers, adapters, windows, tuners, etc.). It became the ARCO Division of High Voltage Engineering (circa 1965) and was later sold (circa 1970) to Siemens Medical Systems (Concord, CA).”  If anyone has any info on the history of ARCO or its successors, please contact us and with your permission we will pass on your contact information.  
  • We have some new content on single-ridged waveguide, thanks to Mohamed.  Including a tribute to Mr. Microwave...
  • In the history of the IEEE MTT-S, literally thousands of awards and titles have been bestowed.  But only once has the title "Mr. Microwave" been awarded.  It was given to Seymour Cohn at the 1989 IMS in Long Beach. Here's a quote from Dr. Cohn, in a editorial titled "Breaking Through the Mental Barrier" in the 1959 Transactions:
  • "Any of us whose work requires thinking will realize that the brain was not really meant for scientific effort... the mind tends to form easy paths of thought, with access to new ideas blocked by over-generalized beliefs and over-extended assumptions... In effect, misused principles are barriers to creative thought. To break through these barriers we must completely understand the range of validity of each principle, and realize that outside this range any principle may be as unreliable and treacherous as prejudice and superstition ...” As Dr. Kiyo Tomiyasu observed in his 1989 tribute, Cohn was "an admirable microwave engineer". Mr. Cohn died in September 2015, but you probably already knew that if you read this newsletter.
  • For his contribution on ridged waveguide, Ali was awarded the coveted Microwaves101 pocketknife this month.  Bravo!

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