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October 20, 2017
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What's new on Microwaves101?

As is always the case, we've been busy adding plenty of new features to Microwaves101. We ain't been slack, Cap'n Walker!

Thankfully, Summer is drawing to a close here in Tucson. The Fall equinox falls on September 21 this year, one month after the recent total eclipse, a good date to NOT be driving west in the evening rush hour. When was the last time a total eclipse occurred on the date of an equinox?  It was March 20, 2015, did you forget that already? It seems a crime how many ways the word "equinox" has been conscripted, why would anyone want to own a poorly-rated SUV named after this twice-a-year celestial event?  A cheap way to celebrate the equinox would be to watch the cheesy 1970 horror flick "Equinox", available on Youtube.  If you can spare some time from your pagan equinox preparations, it's time to see what's new on Microwaves101 for September 2017!

  • Last month we mentioned that the absolute maximum power handling of air coax is found at an impedance of ~44 ohms, at the onset of TE11 mode.  This month we solved for a more exact value of impedance under this condition, using two methods. Thanks to Alex at 810Labs for his elegant closed-form solution and introducing us to the Lambert W function!

  • From our analysis of absolute maximum power handling at onset of TE11 mode, we've added Microwave Rule of Thumb #124.
  • There's a Microwave Office project file in our download area.  This one examines three-section couplers, with three different designs and four levels of ripple. Now we have an entirely new tab on the download page, for EDA project files.  Help us fill it up!

  • We have a new printed circuit board (PCB) page, thanks to Victor at San Francisco Circuits.  FR4, RO4000 and RT/Duroid are compared in terms of cost and performance.

  • We've added "daraf" and minesweeper to our growing microwave slang dictionary.
  • Meanwhile, on our discussion board, people are talking about Mason's Rule and conjugate matching. Here's a discussion of a problem with a particular microwave oven design: the person that posted the question needs information on permeability of various stainless steels. Please join our discussions, or ask your own question!

Attention forward thinking microwave marketeers: check out information on advertising with us. Sponsorship information is but a click away... come and share the magic of 15,000 page views per weekday. Hey that rhymes!

As always, we want you to sign up for the MW101Stuff newsletter, or submit a photo for our Microwave Mortuary. We'd love to hear from you, whether you have nice things to say about Microwaves101.com or just want to tell us how we've ruined your life. 

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