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Front page updated June 1, 2014

Welcome to Microwaves101.com your numero-uno source for microwave information since the previous unenlightened century. It's safe, effective, all natural, and it works! Results may vary...

Welcome to IMS 2014!

We tried to roll out the new IEEE MTT-S/Microwaves101 web site in time for IMS, but as of June 1 we are still experiencing too many broken links to make the changeover. The image to the left is a screen shot of the prototype site, click it and take a test drive while it is under development. Feedback is welcomed, let us know what changes you like, what you don't like and what we are still missing. Our Unknown Editor provides further discussion about the transition this month.

Check it out, the message board is fully functional on the new site, so sign up and rejoin the conversation, Sorry this took more than six months to fix!

Stop by booth #651 at the UMS Exhibition to meet with Microwave101 and EverythingRF, and perhaps enter a contest involving a historic T/R module. See you there!

Microwave Encyclopedia

Our searchable on-line encyclopedia predates Wikipedia and offers something you won't see there: an index, which appears at the top of nearly all of our content pages. We currently offer ~500 separate pages of copyrighted content. Something missing or incorrect? Tell us about it! You might win a free gift for your contributions.

Microwaves101 Forum

Our message board community has been collaborating on microwave problems long before LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook were created, and remains the best place to post microwave-related questions and get peer-reviewed answers.


On-Line Calculators

Available to help you with everyday tasks such as converting VSWR to return loss, matched attenuator resistor values, and more.

What's New?

Here content that was added in the previous month is summarized. To get automatic email updates, sign up for our M101Stuff monthly newsletter.


Sponsor and Contact Information

Get in touch with us if you want to add content, or if your company wants to sponsor pages that show their area of microwave expertise. Visit our Virtual Lobby check out suppliers that already sponsor Microwaves101!

Unknown Editor

Perspectives from the Man-in-the-Bag who started this web site back in year 2000 out of frustration from working at a company that starts with "Ray" and ends in "eon". Yes, he is quite liberal, but this is his site, he can't be fired, so he gets his say....

Acronym Dictionary

Contains many of the commonly used abbreviations in the microwave engineering field.


Free Downloads

Compiled onto a single page, includes Excel spreadsheets for complicated analyses such as phased array antenna patterns and cascading noise figures. Also available are some great, public-distribution documents. Have something you'd like to share? Send it in and we'll post it, if it is appropriate to microwave engineering.

Microwave Hall of Fame

Take some time to become familiar with the works of people who made microwave history, before you become history yourself.

IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society

Microwaves101 will never provide all of the resources available to those that pay to join this professional society.

Books on Microwaves

We have reviewed quite a few books on microwave sub-topics, and are looking for more books to review. We only post the best.

Rules of Thumb

Sometimes complex behavior can be interpreted in three seconds if you are familiar with our Rules of Thumb. It's your neck if we fail you, caveat emptor!

Microwave Mortuary

A popular, just-for-fun archive of blown hardware, natural and unnatural disasters. If you don't see a little fun in microwave engineerng, you should pick a new vocation.

Cool Links

Web sites we find useful, such as where to find MIL-specs.



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